John Tyson


Office: Court of Appeals

Title: Judge

Party: Republican

Terms: 2023-2031

Experience: NC Court of Appeals (01-09), Recall Judge NC COA, Emergency Superior Court Judge, Adjunct Law Professor, private practice law

Hometown: Fayetteville

Home County: Cumberland

Total Raised Last Election: $36,489
Individual Contributions Last Election Year: $33,489
Political Action Committee (PAC) Contributions: $3,000
Current Cash on Hand: $1,147.00
Top PAC Donors By Industry:
  • Other: 50%
  • Health Care Providers/Facilities: 33%
  • Housing/Infrastructure/Transportation: 17%

Key Support

Key Support:
  • NC Asian American Coalition
  • NC Association of Defense Attorneys
  • NC Fraternal Order of Police
  • NC Homebuilders PAC
  • NC Medical Society PAC
  • NC Right to Life PAC
  • NC Troopers Association
  • NC Values Coalition

State Data


  • Statewide
Major Cities:
  • Statewide