Columbus County


Home to the towns of Whiteville, Tabor City, Fair Bluff, Brunswick, and Acme-Delco, Columbus County was incorporated in 1808 and became home to many new settlers and Native American Tribes, such as the Lumbee and Waccamaw.

During the mid-1800’s the county experienced an economic boom when the “Old Trading Post” was built alongside the Lumber River, allowing boats to tie off right in town. The trading post served as a spot for merchants to stay when selling items like fur, food, and naval equipment before railroads became a more efficient way to trade and move goods.

Columbus is a major agriculture county and the county hosts the Watermelon, Yam, and Strawberry festivals to increase tourism and agricultural awareness in the area.

The county has declined in population in recent years and many of its towns have faced hardship. In 2016, Hurricane Matthew and Hurricane Florence flooded much of Columbus County, pushing towns like Fair Bluff to the brink of extinction. Many families are still displaced, awaiting emergency relief.

Once a Democratic stronghold, Columbus flipped dramatically in the Trump years and now votes for Republicans roughly 60%-40%.


County Seat: Whiteville
Biggest Cities:

Whiteville, Tabor City, Chadbourn, Lake Waccamaw, Fair Bluff, Brunswick, Acme-Delco

Media Market: Wilmington

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